Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Floral Arrangement

I decided to try something different this week. I really love making 3-d flowers, but didn't have a project right now that I wanted to use them on. So after a few hours of deep thinking I decided to make a floral arrangement for Halloween.

Pattern I used for this project is "My Paper Garden Vol. 2", flower #3.

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I will do my best  to explain the methods I used to make the flowers so you make some too.

After I open the file in my MTC software, I select all images and size it to where my largest petal in the file is approx 2 inches. This will make the finished flower approx 2 inches in size as well. Please note the file has 4 different size petals and quantities. So I cut out 3 of the large petals, 1 of the medium, 1 small and 3 x-small petals to make 1 3-D flower.

After my petals are cut,I then take a large stylus and slightly cup my first large flower petal.

Then I take the next large flower petal and cup just a little more then I did the first one.

Last large flower petal I cup it until my petals are up high.

Then I take the medium and small petals and cup them up high as well. For the 3 x-small petals I repeat the same as I did for the large petals in the beginning.

To assemble my flowers I use a hot glue gun on low. When I glued my petals together I did not worry about the hot glue strings because to me they looked like spider webs. If you want to add wire to your flowers like I did then here is were you add the wire. I take my first slightly cupped large petal and turn it upside down so the petals are pointing down. You don't have to do this, I just like this type of look. Pierce a small hole in the center and feed the wire thru leaving just a tiny bit to make an "L". I then add my glue and adhere the next large petal on top, offsetting the petals. Keep adding the petals until your flower is complete. On my flowers I did add leaves as well.

After all my flowers were done I chose a base. I did not have a vase, jar, or bottle available so I had to improvise. I took one of those large red plastic party drinking cups (approx. 16 oz.) and painted it black using acrylic paint. Since it was black I only did one coat. After paint was dry I turned cup upside down and made a hole in the center of the bottom of the cup, big enough to fit the flowers and my spider pick. I got my spider pick at Michael's.  Please note paint can scratch off when assembling arrangement.

Once I arranged my flowers I took some purple organza scraps and added them in between flowers to help hide the wire. I added a bow around the cup and a non-dimensional flower in the center of the bow.

This ended up being a fun project than can decorate your table, desk or any place around the home or office! Hope you give it a try if my instructions weren't to hard to follow.

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